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Yes, I we have a studio but we will more than likely not shoot there. We watch the weather to make sure that your shoot is good to go. Any day with a 60% chance of rain will most likely be rescheduled to another date.

I urge against using anything that will look outdated in several years. We want these images to be timeless.

It is best to schedule a time closer to sunrise or sunset for the most flattering lighting.

We pose every bit of you for the most flattering angles and portraits. You will be coached every step of the way, and you can relax knowing that we have your posing covered. Also, we go over posing and best practices during your consultation.

We recommend 3-5 outfits depending on how the shoot goes.

Of course! Every senior portrait is professionally retouched unless requested otherwise. Anything impermanent is subject to retouching, but we can have a conversation about braces, scars, and anything you are concerned about.

Realistically, many of my senior portrait clients invest between $1800-$3000 on their portrait session and products. So that my clients walk away with the images and products that they love, I offer payment plans.

I am here to guide you through the images to find the ones you love, answer questions, and to guide you through how you can display them. This step is important so that we know you are walking away with a great experience and beautiful keepsakes.

Your gallery will be delivered two weeks after your session.

If It Rains, Do You Have A Studio To Shoot At?

Will We Have The Option To Use Props? Of course, anything that has meaning or is special to you, may be used in the photoshoot.  

What Time Of Day Is Best For A Portrait Session?

How Will We Know How To Pose?​

How Many Outfit Changes Can We Have?

Do You Offer Professional Retouching (E.g. Zit Removal, Skin Smoothing)?

How Much Do Senior Portrait Sessions End Up Costing?

Why Do I Need To Come To The Studio To Order The Prints/Products?

How Long After My Session Will I Receive My Images?

For women, we highly suggest investing in professional hair and makeup services. Makeup and hair for photography is different than the average everyday look, and a professional can help you look and feel your absolute best.


This is a question we will decide during out preconsultation/planning meeting. It’s extremely important to us that your photoshoot location matches who you are. We will offer up suggestions for locations based on your personality and style.

Where Will It Be?

We will cover all of this in your preconsultation/planning meeting, but you will want to bring changes of clothing to all senior picture sessions

What Do We Need To Bring?

No worries I'll send you a Session Guide on how to prepare for your photoshoot.

This is what the planning meeting is all about. I will start brainstorming locations after we've met or we will search for locations during our meeting. These locations are all based on what you like, your style, and personality.

What Should We Do To Prepare For The Session?

I Know What Kind Of Look I Want, But I’m Not Sure What Locations To Go To In Order To Achieve It. Can You Suggest Options?

Having a month or two to prepare for your photoshoot date to ensure your date, prep your outfits, and plan your shoot is an ideal situation. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. This year we have done sessions that we book a week in advance, and have our images in front of our clients a week after the photoshoot.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Session?

After a quick phone call you'll pay you'll pay your deposit, sign your contract then it's time to rock-n-roll!

How Do I Secure My Session?

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For Seniors

Your gallery will be delivered within two weeks of your session. Sometimes sooner.

How long after my session will I receive my images?

For women, we highly suggest investing in professional hair and makeup services. Makeup and hair for photography is different than the average everyday look, and a professional can help you look and feel your absolute best.


Of course! We’ll meet ahead of time via zoom to plan your session and shot list, and I’ll consult with you on what to wear during that time too! On your photoshoot day, we’ll incorporate up to five different looks (depending on package).

I’m here with you every step of the way to help you plan what to wear and feel your absolute best during your photoshoot. If you have any questions on outfit planning, just reach out.


We require a 48 hour cancellation. Session fees are non refundable, but will be applied to a session rescheduled within 30 days of cancellation.We must have this policy because our studio holds your date and time just for you and if you have booked my MUA, it is a loss of business for her as well. Of course emergencies come up, so please let me know as soon as possible if you need to cancel due to an emergency and as long as we get you rescheduled within 30 days of original shoot date your session fee will be applied.


So much more than photos! 1.) We’ll meet ahead of time to plan your session and shot list, and I’ll consult with you on what to wear. 2.) Professional makeup is included and the Catty Visions Personal Branding loft is included. AirBNB fees are not included if you choose to go that route. 3.) Next up is your session day—AKA, 2-6 hours of photography at multiple locations and hanging out together! Lastly, you’ll get the photos from your session.

Camera shyness is normal. I too feel shy in front of the camera, but I always feel wonderful after I've seen my final images! I have found that the more prepared my clients are for their photoshoot, the less anxious and more confident they feel during their photoshoot. It's the reason I hold your hand from start to finish with outfit and shoot ideas. During your shoot we’ll play music, grab your favorite beverage, and I promise it will feel more like girlfriends hanging out than a photoshoot. 

What's Included in my investment?

Help!! I'm camera shy!

Long story short: Everyone can benefit from personal branding photos! Your photos will share the heart of your work with your clients in the most genuine way. This is such a powerful tool to have when it comes to marketing your business.

How do I know branding photos are a good investment for me?

Of course! Additional photos from your shoot can always be purchased.

Can I purchase more photos beyond what my package includes?

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