How To Plan for a High School Senior Portrait Session

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OCtomber 6, 2022

Congratulations are in order! You are about to graduate and step into a new chapter of your life. And it is only right that you capture this significant occasion with professional senior photography.

Senior portraits are a time-honored tradition and a rite of passage that every high school graduate goes through. They are a great way to not just celebrate your upcoming graduation but also have some fun while doing so. And as much as many people hate getting their pictures taken, it is important that you document this time so that you can cherish the memories for years to come.

Planning for a portrait session can often seem quite overwhelming, especially if you do not have experience working with a professional photographer. So, to help you out, we have made a list of a few things you should do to make sure that you get the best photos that you can proudly show off to your kids in the future. Read on to know what they are.

  • Plan your outfits ahead of time:
    If you want beautiful photos that bring out the best in you, wear the right outfits. Take your time to plan your outfits before the shoot so that you don’t have to scramble to put one together at the last minute. If you want, you can also bring multiple outfits, so it is not necessary for you to settle for just one. But while picking your outfit(s), make sure that you choose pieces that are flattering and comfortable. You should also avoid loud colors and prints. Your jewelry should be minimal so that isn’t too distracting.

  • Decide if you want to use props
    Many high school seniors like to pose with props, such as musical instruments, sports gear, and so on. So, if you have a hobby or sport that was a part of your high school experience or a club that you belonged to, you can use a prop that represents it. 

  • Take care of yourself
    Before the day of your photoshoot, make sure you take care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep and keep yourself hydrated so that your skin looks radiant in the photos. It is only when you feel good that you look good. While we do retouch our photographs, sometimes, being well-rested can work wonders that no editing software can achieve.

  • Work with a professional photographer
    Today, anyone with a phone can claim to be a photographer. But not everyone possesses the skills and experience that a professional photographer does. With years of experience photographing countless high school seniors, we know what it takes to create images that you fall in love with at first sight. We use the latest equipment and technology to make sure that the final product is all that you wanted and more. 

For senior portraits as unique as you, get in touch with us at Catty Visions. We specialize in senior photography in Houston, offering high-quality portraits that bring the personality of every high school senior to life. 

Our senior photography process starts with an initial call to get to you, followed by a pre-consultation to discuss the details, create a vision board, and more. On the day of the photoshoot, if you opt for makeup, our professional makeup artist can do it for you. 

Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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